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Best SEO Link Source 2016

Best SEO link source 2016


Are you thinking of doing your own SEO and you are trying to find out what is the best way to build the most links in the shortest time and also to do it on the most effective platforms for your business to rank higher on google and other search engine.


Self done SEO is not an easy feat and if you want to build SEO links you should focus on a few main sources that SEO Geek is going to be sharing with you.


Best SEO Link Source 1: Web Directories


Web directories are a great way to get your link coming up to google. There are many web directories that can be used to build links but those that are the most relevant would be those that are local to where you are from. So for example we are in Singapore, you should always try to find a local directory so that you get a few benefits. Not just having your links coming in to help your SEO, you also can get people searching for your relevant services on this directories and in the end contacting you if they need such services.


There are also many popular ones in Singapore such as Green Book, Yellow Pages, Yalwa etc.


Best SEO Link Source 2: Web & Forum Profiles


Forum profiles are easy to come by but there are many that will not count into what Google will crawl this days as they mark more of them as spam. If you are someone who is active in forums it might be great for you to set up forum with links to your website. This counts as a great link for you to build to your website and it helps you to rank higher in google. 

Best SEO Link Source 3: Guest Posting


Writing good articles and posting them is a great way to get links, better if you can get it onto a good website that will be able to give you even more value than having it on your own website or on other lower value websites. High quality articles are a must and you will need to make sure you are able to write to the specifications of the web masters of the said websites before you could even be considered to be posted on those sites as one of the guest writers of their website. Most of such websites are fine with having guest writers because they need content on a regular basis and they dont mind giving you some link value.


Best SEO Link Source 4: Social Media Accounts


Your social media accounts are great link sources as well. Instagram, Facebook, twitter all allows you to have links coming out of the sites and this is a great way to build presence on the internet and letting Google know that you presence is felt across the internet with you having accounts on all the major social networks.


There are many other forms of link bases and how to build your links in structures that are more useful than others, if you are keen to learn more, SEO Geek will be conducting SEO training classes in late November, contact us to find out more.


Best SEO link source 2016