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Singapore SEO Courses & SEO Classes Singapore – Learn Search Engine Optimization Basic with Mr Tommy Koh our head trainer

SEO Courses & Classes Singapore


SEO Classes are now Skillsfuture Credit APPROVED.

Below is the course program for the Singapore SEO Training Courses conducted by Mr Tommy Koh in Singapore:

Singapore SEO Training Course Objective

1. Figure out the theory behind how Google Works and what is SEO
2. Learn practical skills that will allow course goers to perform SEO campaign on their websites
3. Learn how to do keyword research and apply it on their strategy
4. Theory and Practice of Onsite and Offsite optimizing
5. Understanding Google Webmaster tools
6. Methods to be a good optimizer

Singapore SEO Training Course Content

1. Introduction

– What is SEO and Google works
– Google Market Share of Singapore Search Market
– Why Google SEO skill is one of the top skills to acquire
– How do Search Engines work SEO vs PPC
– Latest Google Updates (Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird etc.)

2. Keywords Research

– Understanding Google Keyword Planner Tool
– Keyword selection: Short-tail vs Long-tail

3. On-Page Optimization

– What is On-Page optimization and how it affects ranking
– Types of signals
– Link Strategies
– Internal, External and Permalink Building
– Site Architecture
– Content optimization
– Meta tag and meta description
– Case studies

4. Off-Page Optimization

– What is Off-Page optimization and how it affects ranking
– Link building strategies
– Case studies

5. Google Webmaster

– What is Google Webmaster Tool
– Google indexing in Webmaster tools
– How to create XML Sitemap

6. Q & A

Email us at to enquire more on our courses, or text Mr Tommy Koh at 98638665 if you are interested to find out more.


Who should come for the Singapore SEO Courses & Classes Singapore that our Trainer & Founder Tommy Koh conducts:

  1. Marketing personnel who wish to understand more about Search Engine Optimization skills
  2. Entrepreneurs who wish to learn more about how to optimize their websites
  3. Enthusiast who wish to find out more about how Google functions and how to rank their own hobby sites
  4. General public who wish to learn a Top 10 skill set of the past few years
  5. Someone who wants to pick up new skills and want to learn something that can help you change the world

We strongly encourage anyone with basic understanding of the internet and also computer usage to learn this skill set, especially when you come from a marketing background because this will definitely aid in your conversations with your bosses and also will be able to guide you and also aid you in your career progression.

Expect to have a heavy session of training and learning, so do be prepared to have an intensive session of 16 hours to pick up this valuable new skill of Search Engine Optimization.

Students who are 25 years old and above and have yet to use their Skillsfuture credit can tap on the $500 credit for our Skillsfuture approved Singapore SEO course.

We look forward to seeing you in class.

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Trainers Biography

Mr Tommy Koh is a SEO Trainer & professional who learn the skill since 2011 when he founded a small tuition agency with his then partner. A marketing company wanted to charge $2,000 a month for ranking their tuition agency on the first page of google with no guarantee. And that made him decide to learn this valuable skill so that he could rank his website.

Through working on his own projects and subsequently taking on 30 over projects and ranking them to the first page, he decided to share his experience with students that wish to come forward to learn more about how Google works and how to rank on Google.

Tommy has been invited to speak at various Amazon, Microsoft and WordPress events, he has also conducted classes for marketing departments of MNCs and SMEs in Singapore to better equip them with skill sets that will help their marketing outreach. Tommy enjoys using local examples to give a fun and entertaining twist to his lessons as the theory of Search Engine Optimization can be somewhat confusing and not that easy to grasp. He has decided to conduct Singapore SEO Courses to share his experience working on websites to rank them on Google. Come for his Singapore SEO Classes to learn some of the important skills of ranking well on Google.

Mr Tommy Koh graduated with a Degree in Information Systems Management from Singapore Management University.

Search Engine Optimization SEO Courses & Classes Singapore


Search Engine Optimization SEO Courses & Classes Singapore




Search Engine Optimization SEO Courses & Classes Singapore