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What are the top 5 onsite SEO tips to improve SEO for website

What are the top 5 onsite SEO tips to improve SEO for website – There are many methods to improve your on site SEO but they are not that intuitive for someone who does not do it on a regular basis. Let us share with you some of the few methods that might help you with your onsite SEO and help you gain some traction for your business before you consider hiring a SEO company to assist you with the onsite and off site Search engine optimization of your website.

Onsite SEO Tips 1. Titles and Descriptions
Single handedly the most important item for your onsite seo. Titles and Descriptions makes the biggest difference in your ranking of your website and this makes for the best way to make changes in your ranking by tweaking just a few words or phrasing. If you want to rank for “SEO Services”, remember to have the keywords within the title and the description of the website, this help you to signal to google that you want to rank for this keyword and you are relevant to this keyword. You should refrain from repeating it too many times as it may be considered as spam which may be counter productive. There are many schools of thoughts about the exact amount but use the keyword once will do in most cases. Meta Keywords could also be useful for you to send some useful signals but it is not that effective anymore.

Onsite SEO Tips 2. Words content on site

Having words on a website is way better for SEO than having an image or video on your website. As search engines try to learn more about your site, words or keywords are the best way to act as signals as the spiders are able to process and read text. Images or Videos do not provide the Google spiders information that may be useful for them to use when they are considering whether or not to rank your website and also which positions to rank for your website. There is quite a number of competing views on the percentage of the keyword that should be achieved in a website article. Some say 2%, some say 5%, my take is, as long as the article looks good and looks legit, it should be a good enough percentage.

Onsite SEO Tips 3. Blogging

When it comes to letting google to know more about you. Content is always king. Writing good content that is different from the rest and also having a certain minimum amount of words content is important to good SEO. 500 words is the minimum when you want to come up with good content that is well researched and also well placed with good links to justify your assertions in your article. This helps you to signal to google that you are an authority in the industry and thus should rank you as one of the top content writers because your content is good content. Other than just writing articles after articles, why not go back to the same article and add more tips, add more write up, add more pictures and content to make your unbeatable article even more unbeatable and better for the readers who might be keen to learn more from your website. Longer articles are always better for SEO but always remember to also do good research. Long articles with thin content do not generate any value whatsoever.
Onsite SEO Tips 4. Having videos from YouTube

YouTube videos that are well made and also linking back to your website is a good addition to your website. YouTube videos help you to keep the attention of your website viewers and this lowers your bounce rate as compared to other people’s website. When you bounce rate is lower, it also helps you to signal to google that you are a good site that has people coming on a regular basis and have good content so people stay and read your content. Video content is also a good way to show google that you have strong presence on the internet with your own youtube channel or vimeo channel and you regularly post on them to signal that it is relevant for Google to take more notice of you and your site.

Onsite SEO Tips 5. Using H1, H2 and H3 tags

Are your main paragraph H2, are your titles H1? This is important to google to let google know the importance of the content. Good structure will help Google to decide what is good on your site and what are the important arguments on your article. This makes for a good read for Google and thus your potential incoming readers. Also by highlighting your content well with H reference, Google will be able to use your information as a good resource so that they can present this information on their search sites directly in some search cases because you are such a resource page that Google and believe strongly in and use your information.

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What are the top 5 onsite SEO tips to improve SEO for website