Content is still king in 2021 SEO

Content is still king in 2021 SEO

Content is still king in 2021 SEO – Are you someone who wants to get your website to rank better for certain keywords.

The main thing that you really need to focus on is definitely still content.

Google is always trying to gather all the knowledge of the world and how do they do that.

They will need people around the world to come up with more content and definitely content that people want to read and will find useful.

Content is king has been the line that many people in the search engine optimization world has shared and we will share it here again today.


By coming up with a good content marketing and content writing strategy, you will attract more readers to your website and this will mean that you get more link juice from Google.

You might not have much links but you have really high quality, well written and well researched article with all the references.

You have also made it easy for those people who are so lazy to read content nowadays.

You have all the H2 and H3 tags ready and have kind of just summarized your point into all the individual headers.

People come in, they consume what they find interesting and then they move on to the next speed reading of information.

Remember, always to write often and to write well. You should also write so that you keep up to date.

When you keep up to date with content, you will be able to draw in the latest readers and therefore gain more attention from your customer base again.

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Content is still king in 2021 SEO

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