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Keeping the basics in SEO strong

Keeping the basics in SEO strong – There are many methods and skills that are being taught in the SEO world in recent years.

SEO has been going through many changes over the years and there has been times when spamming works. Spamming worked so well that anyone could rank and it was a race to the bottom for many webmasters. Then there were those that decided that every sentence should have their keyword and it worked for awhile but not again.

Then there were those that blasted links in fast and that also has become a penalty

Then recently, it became about domain authority and page authority. This has led to the sale of many of such authority websites links that may have been good or bad for those affected.

What really matters is still the basics when it comes to SEO.

1. Make sure you have the keywords in the titles and descriptions
2. Make sure your content is relevant to the keyword you are going after
3. Build links from reputable and good websites
4. Slowly grow your SEO links because slow and steady wins the race
5. Always bring value to your customers before you expect something back from them.
6. Write more and relevant content on your website so that you have a strong natural following.

Go back to your basics when you perform SEO so that you can work out well in the end.

SEO Training in Singapore conducted by Tommy Koh can be one of the options that you take if you want to pick up the basics of running a Search Engine Optimization Campaign targeted at growing the presence of your website on google and ranking well so that you are able to gain the traffic and therefore the leads you need to grow your business in Singapore and around the world. The best thing that can happen for you is when you learn a skill that can benefit you long term.

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