Launch of SEO Courses Singapore October 12 and 13 2019

Launch of SEO Courses Singapore October 12 and 13 2019 – SEO Geek has recently been confirmed as a Skillsfuture approved vendor to conduct classes for Singaporeans who wish to pick up keen digital marketing skills for $500 subsidy from the Singapore Government.

On October 12 and 13 2019, we will be conducting 2 full day classes to teach our students how to set up a SEO Campaign, how to monitor an SEO campaign, On-Site SEO Skills, Off-Site SEO Skills and also how to design your SEO strategy.

For those who are keen to learn Digital Marketing skills and also are above the age of 25, you get to enjoy $500 grant from the government to pick up new skills and also be able to learn something that is useful for the future.

Digital Marketing is one of the highest in demand skills globally now and in Singapore, the country is slowly moving toward a smart nation initiative and this will mean that things will go towards being more digital and marketing targeted.

Getting yourself trained in Search Engine Optimization will be one of the best skills that you can equip yourself with for future challenges.

The basic course that our trainer Tommy Koh will be conducting will give you a very good foundation to start your Search Engine Optimization journey on. You will still need hard work and also lots of practice to be come really good in this.

Research online for newer skills and tricks and also Google updates will make a big difference for you and your learning journey as well.

Contact us to find out more about the upcoming SEO class that will be conducted in Central Area Singapore by our trainer Mr Tommy Koh, we will also be able to assist you with any questions you may have with SEO services in Singapore.


Launch of SEO Courses Singapore October 12 and 13 2019

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