Pay Scale of a SEO specialist in Singapore – Its about 2am now and i can’t really go to sleep, so i was looking through some of the articles online and just bumped into the pay scale or salary scale of what SEO practioners can make in the US and here in Singapore.

I have to say being in the USA makes you more as an SEO or digital marketing professional, you can see the USA report: Here

From my limited research i could only find results of Singapore salary scale: Here

An SEO expert makes a minimum of $71,000 USD (about $100,000 SGD) in the USA but when we look at it in Singapore, a SEO specialist makes only about $41,000.

The market for SEO here in Singapore even though Google has been around for so many years has not much matured and most companies still prefer to outsource their SEO work to agencies more than to have in house consultants or experts to assist with the search engine optimization programs of the company.

With such a big discrepancy in terms of salary scale, i’m quite sure the demand for such skill sets will only increase as the local companies will start to realize how digitally savvy the economy has become and also when local companies intent to go overseas or go regional. Digital marketing skills are what they cannot miss out on and must have skill sets.

That being said, a digital marketing manager makes $57,000 on average in Singapore and digital marketing strategies do have to include SEO in your arsenal. On top of using Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and other methods to reach out to your intended customers. SEO is probably the hardest to manage and learn to perfection.

There are many more internet marketing startups that are coming up and everyone says that they are able to deliver the level of services that everyone else can, try to learn from the best, work for someone with a strong SEO specialist skill sets before starting your own. All the best in your endeavour to be an SEO Expert!

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Pay Scale of a SEO specialist in Singapore

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