SEO Class Singapore: Reasons to learn from SEO Geek Tommy Koh

SEO Class Singapore: Reasons to learn from SEO Geek Tommy Koh – Learning SEO is one of the cool new skills to be taken with great importance in this decade. There are many other digital marketing skills that you should learn. There is Google Adwords, Google SEO, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Email Marketing, Linkedin Marketing.

What we will suggest is to pick up most of this skills because in this 21st Century, if you are equipped with more skills about marketing especially online marketing, you can be expected to be high in demand. Digital Marketing is now the key in getting your leads coming to you to get your products or services.

So what are some of the reasons to pick up Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is one of the leading skills that is not only free, it is also one of the skills that few people can do well. Facebook and Adwords will mean that you need to pay for the ads that you want to put up before you can get some returns. Whereas when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, you can actually get the work of SEO done on your website, get the links coming in from various places. And most of it can be done by yourself without having to pay for it. The time and effort that you spend on getting all this things done need not translate into cash that you need to pay to put out ads.

Search Engine Optimization also has a lot of potential in terms of getting you leads from online and getting a lot of things done. If you are ranking top 3 for key and important keywords for your industry. You can probably make good money with this in flow of leads.

Search Engine Optimization is also not too difficult to learn, when you learn this skill, you can implement it. But to rank well for high competitive keywords, you probably will need some experience in terms of practicing this skill so that you can deliver for higher level keywords that will take more hard work to overcome other SEOs out there that are able to get the rankings going for this keywords.

SEO is also one on demand skill by employers. Employers will want someone who can do good SEO work and keep the ranking going well in the long term. This is one skill that many people will be taking in going forward in time together with those that can do other forms of digital marketing. Ranked as the top 10 skills to learn in 2018 by Linkedin, this is definitely one skill that not only we think is important. This is something that most employers will wish that you have the ability to do.

Search is still alive and going and the internet will still need the best SEOs to get the rankings going well so that you are able to get strong branding and leads going for the rest of the world to find you.

SEO Class Singapore: Reasons to learn from SEO Geek Tommy Koh

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