SEO Tips for Bloggers to drive more organic traffic – Are you a blogger writing on your favourite topic? Food? Fashion? Politics?

Bloggers take advantage of the internet to gain their grounds and also to help them build their brand. The traffic that most bloggers get must come from a few places. Its either facebook which will come through the shares of their readers or through google where you start to rank for certain keywords. Keywords such as “The best buffet in Singapore” or “The best place to go for first dates” are what people will like to read about and help the blogger to gain traction.

With this traction, the blogger gets enough readers to sell their services and to give them more projects to write about.

So how can a blogger write content that will be something that the search engines such as Google will like and want to index

Blogger SEO Tips 1. Fresh and great content

There are new things happening around the world everyday, writing fresh new content will definitely help you to get the attention of the search engines more than when you write about a topic in a different form or when you just try to rephrase content that has already been written many times before you.

Fresh content could also mean updating your current articles to add in new items of new developments and views of the developments. People love analysis of certain actions taken by companies or governments and the analysis helps them make decisions. Google loves such articles because it adds value to the internet community. That gives you good attention and therefore link value from the Google search engine itself.

You could also refer to our other article on, How content marketing can help with organic SEO.

Blogger SEO Tips 2. List of items, places or events

Google absolute loves list! So do humans. Why? List are easy to read and easy to understand. Modern man do not have much time to read articles, having articles in list forms or just having the header, helps people to understand topics with a quick glance. It also makes it easily digestible for people who are rushing to swallow up information before they have to hit the roads. List are also (SADLY) good click bait articles. That may be good or bad depending on your marketing style, you might want to click bait some readers to read your list or to actually make good list that will benefit people!

Blogger SEO Tips 3. Write topics that you would search for on Google

If you are a regular person using the internet and particularly Google to do research before you go to eat something or before you buy something, what keywords would you use to find the answer to that topic. When you write titles, descriptions and try to optimize the content, optimize them to the keyword that you would most likely be using yourself. If you are optimizing for some obscure or unknown keyword, there is not much point or traction doing so because there won’t be much searches in the first place.

You should also try to have similar sounding keywords in your topic and content so that you have a chance to rank for those keywords that are some what similar as well. This might help you have bigger exposure with just one article. There is a term and topic to this in SEO, called LSI keywords, we will leave this for another day.

Think of what else people or you yourself would search for but are not widely written then spend some time to research on the topic and write about it in a concise and interesting way.

Blogger SEO Tips 4. Collaborate on an article with other bloggers

You could be attending an event together, take some photos with fellow bloggers, co-write an article to promote a brand together.

Firstly, you get to share in each other’s followers

Secondly, you will cross link each other which brings great SEO value for the two of you.

Lastly, when the two or more bloggers do get attention from say the media, both stand to gain from the link and media value

The more you collaborate with, the more SEO link value you get from sharing from each other’s SEO value. It’s a win win situation for all.

Blogger SEO Tips 5. Guest writing or blogging for other websites

In Google’s world, content is king. A blog that constantly has updated articles and reading value gains the highest traction in Google’s eyes. Most bloggers who know SEO knows this. BUT they might not have the time or the resources to constantly produce high quality content every day of the week. You as a blogger, part time or full time might be able to help this webmasters out.

Writing on a topic you are familiar with, you could share this article with the webmaster and ask for a link mention to your blog from his article. This is a very traditional and useful way of getting one way links from such webmasters. It also helps you build your authority in the eyes of their readers and also Google that you are an expert in the said topic of discussion.

Hope you enjoyed the article and the sharing, we will be coming up with other interesting articles that are good to read and share, stay tuned! Digital Marketing Classes Singapore

SEO Tips for Bloggers to drive more organic traffic

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