5 Tips to blog for your client base & factor in SEO when writing

5 Tips to blog for your client base & factor in SEO when writing – Writing a blog for your website is great! Writing a blog for your business is the best way to reach your customers. The saying goes, Content is King! is very true. To be able to show your customer base that you are able to do the work that you say you are able to, you need to show that you are a leader in your field. You are someone who knows what is going on and able to share your experiences with them. This is through writing and sharing content about that field that you are in, sharing new insights into how things are done and into how they can view things. Being at the forefront of things make you the best choice when they require certain services. This also makes for a great chance for you to prove to them that you are better than your competitors and therefore they should trust you.

  1. Write for your actual viewersThe first thing that you should do when you are doing this content writing for your customers base is to realize that you can have real readers. Most people write as if they are just typing things off and hoping that someone actually bothers. The fact is, there are people who do bother and will be taking your content seriously.Write content with the intent that you are going for an exam and you will be graded for how well you make sense and make the mark of the examiner. Write with the intent to share and write with the intent to make known that you are really good at what you are doing.The thing about writing for actual viewers and readers is that you will end up writing more because of the encouragement that you get when you start to build up your readership base and with this will give you more confidence in your writing.

    Write also so that it is easy to read and understand your content, read more to improve your language skills and also how you are able to put things through across to someone else.

  2. Do you research and substantiate themNothing beats reading a well researched and well written piece of article. Everyone likes to know that whatever they are reading is well substianted by research and not so nonsense that is taken off the internet and could be part of a bigger scam.People like to learn new facts and quote things so be ready to be tested and also be able to substantiate the things that you write.A well researched piece also allows you to make conclusions that are align to what is actually as close to the truth as possible.

    We all know that Wikipedia is a place where many people get their information from and for most parts, Wikipedia also has a good base of substantiation.

  3. Break the topics down to make it easier for readers to understandThe best thing about writing a good article or a good book is when you are actually a good story teller yourself. Breaking topics down into their individual smaller topics is one of the best way for you to tell your story.Making sure that you readers know that you are trying to convey it in individual points that makes sense to the bigger reader and this makes for an important point for most bloggers.Make sure you break the point so that the bigger idea is kept intact and understandable by the readers.
  4. Factor in SEO keywords and have your optimizations done right

    We are talking about SEO in this blog here, so that most important thing is to make sure that you are writing with SEO principals in mind.Things like factoring in SEO keywords in your article are important steps to ensuring that you will rank for that certain keywords and Google knows that you are a trusted source that writes regularly about this topics.When you are a person who is a leader in this topic, Google will naturally rank you higher for this related keywords. Google likes to feature websites that are consistent in their posting and also in the quality of the content and also based on how good readership is.Remember to write content to a certain amount of words, preferably 500 words or more.
  5. Rewrite your articles when you have fresh new insights or content that you will like to addThe most important thing about the articles is to add new information as and when you have it. Google likes to see articles being updated with new information and this is good for the search engine as well because it knows that you are someone who works on improving what you have and deserve more attention on your website.When you have new information, add on to it and bring it upwards. Make sure you understand what makes your article stand out and try to make sure it brings value to your customers.


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5 Tips to blog for your client base & factor in SEO when writing