Content Marketing – Are you someone who is very keen to learn SEO and to find out more about how the search engine functions and rank websites?
Our team will be writing a series of self help blog post to advise on how you could use certain methods to gain SEO traction.
The art behind ranking on the search engines comes from two main sources:

1. On Site Search Engine Optimization

Long story short, search engines such as Google loves to rank websites that are relevant, your website must be relevant to the search engine through a few signals such as your title, description and content. Your website should also have a blog that is active in promoting the content that you are involved in so that it signals to google that you are an authority site. In that respect, google should consider you an authority in the field.
By being an authority, Google ranks you higher in its indexes as compared to other competitors that do not have fresh and relevant content that Google spiders can feed on.
There are also other signals such as the structure of your internal links, the keywords for internal linking, speed of site, which is best left for another day.

2. Off Site Search Engine Optimization

Off Site linking algorithms is what made Google what it is today. Google found a way to evaluate and rank websites based on how much links are given to them as an “endorsement” to their web presence. Of which it uses algorithms to decide which websites should be ranking higher than the rest and therefore hold better rankings. Off site linking can be a very complicated issue that can be discussed further in our future blog post.

So how do we take advantage of Content Marketing for SEO purposes?

What we wish to do here today is to discuss how content marketing can be used to draw in quality links and quality attention from the search engines to gain traction for your website from the search engines.

Take for example one of our new clients, Annabel Law Productions.

Recently one of her articles with the following topic gained some virality through Facebook shares. Refer here for said article.

Her article is ranking well when you Google “true love is a choice”, that gives her good rankings in Singapore and Globally. That does not actively generates her links that can help her gain authority. But with the help of the viral status because of the multiple sharings on Facebook by many people for the past few weeks. Bloggers from around the region and also some avid followers of her blogs did link her from their blogs or websites. This is great from SEO perspective, as they refer to the article, they will link out to her. They will also write on content relevant to what she had in her content. Google will therefore take note that Annabel’s blog post is in fact a good read on that topic and rank her.
With links going to her blog site, it will flow through to her main site which will assist her in ranking for other keywords that she is looking to rank.

BUT, not all blogs are created equal, the same post written on another site may not gain traction and every marketer are still scratching their heads on how to make articles good viral. I believe there is a bit of style and luck involved to viral an article. Great content never fails and content marketing is what every website that hopes to do well in the internet sphere have to place their heart and minds into.

Having great content can also help you gain traction amongst other publications and other experts in the same field. If Annabel’s article was picked up by other wedding sites, that will also generate her links from wedding sites (which are highly relevant sites).

Content marketing is therefore great because of the following:

1. Renewed content on website signaling to Google that you site is ever renewing
2. Good content for Google to crawl and therefore visit your website more
3. Source of new links since it is shareable on social media
4. Reference point for other publications and blog post
5. Sets you as an authority in the topic space you are writing about

Hope you like our SEO Tips post on how to take advantage of Content Marketing to boost you SEO rankings!

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