What are some of the SEO work you can do yourself

What are some of the SEO work you can do yourself

What are some of the SEO work you can do yourself – You are a business owner or a website owner that wants to do some SEO work yourself.

You have asked for quotations and realized that it cost you a bomb to hire an SEO consultant to help you with optimization, it can go from anywhere between $500 SGD a month to $5000 SGD a month depending on the difficulty of the keyword.

Difficulty of SEO keywords come from how competitive your niche is, take for example you are in the real estate or insurance business, the keywords are likely going to be crazy competitve because the returns are so high for a good closed case.

There are many people who will be spending money to write articles and buy links and do all sorts of work to get themselves ranked top 3 to catch all the leads they can for their business.

Does that mean that you are doomed to rank your website higher?

So the question comes, What are some of the SEO work you can do yourself?


1. On-Site Optimization of Titles and Descriptions

Getting your titles and descriptions optimized to your intended keyword is probably the single most important move to improving your ranking.

A website with the keyword they want to rank for in their title and description can make a big difference on the SERPS and most people do not know this.

Getting this done right for your home page and inner page contents can help you a big step towards your SEO goal of dominating that particular keyword.

Always kick off your campaign with a good look at your Title and Descriptions!



2. On-Site Optimization of Front Page Content

How can you rank well for your particular keyword if you do not mention it at all on your home page?

Home page is the single most important location for your website because this is where you get most of the links you get from other websites pointing at you.

Ensure you have the keyword appearing on your website but do not under or over optimize, this can either have no effect on your ranking or penalize you due to over doing it.

You should also learn to play around with the word choice a little, as different words can mean the same thing and google knows that.



3. Making sure your website is HTTPS and the loading speed is optimized

HTTPS is a must have in this time and age. Where scams and fake websites are rampant, you should ensure that you have the HTTPS to ensure you are on the right website that is not spoofed.

This is easily achieved with the right website host, you can get a good website host that will install this for you.

The loading speed of the website should also be as fast as it can get.

We all know how annoying it is to have a slow website, and how you will likely leave the website if it takes too long to load.

This affects how Google sees your site because your visitors end up leaving soon after they land, which is not a good signal google wants to see.

You could use plugins and apps to optimize your speed and also to have HTTPS done up for you.



4. Write good and long content for your blogs

Do you write? If you do, great, write a good and detailed and long article for your blog.

And do that often.

Guess why I am blogging so often and at such depth?

Google loves it when someone who is good with their topic is able to share their knowledge.

Google is in a way a knowledge database and it wants to keep it that way.

Someone who is really good at their particular skill set should write articles that are details and something that Google really like is also length.

An article should be at least 1000 words or more to get a good ranking opportunity by Google.

Anything lesser will have lesser chance of ranking high nowadays.

This is not what I said, go research the keywords that you are keen and see how long the articles are for those that are ranking on the Top 3 positions.

And do not forget to link to your sources if you are quoting some form of research you have read about the particular topic.


5. Get high quality links to your website

This is the hard part of learning and doing your own SEO work.

Most people who do not have experience in SEO will not be able to find good links without much research or help.

Good links can come from other people’s blogs, where you can try guest posting.

You could release press release to get links from popular news sites, which is not easy to come by.

You could write comments on other people’s websites but due to spam, most webmasters have blocked comments.

You could also write blogs on WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr sites, but this takes time to build up and not all of this pages get the attention you deserve.

For most DIY SEOs, this is the part where it gets annoying and tough, but don’t fret, read up more on where you can get links, write more and contribute to your community to allow yourself to grow your base of links pointing towards your website!


SEO Geek is a Singapore SEO Services agency assisting SMEs in Singapore to rank higher on Google SERPS.

Search Engine Optimization is a non-paid ads methods of getting leads to your website. You do not pay Google to get yourself showing up but instead using On-Site and Off-Site optimization methods, you rank organically on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

If you require consultancy for your website or you need help with the link building and content writing for your website, you can call +65 98638665 for a quotation or advisory on your business website.

We wish you a great time running your own SEO Campaign!


What are some of the SEO work you can do yourself

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