What are the different type of offsite back links that you can build?

By seogeeksg on November 13, 2016 – General SEO, Off Site SEO
What are the different type of offsite back links that you can build?

We all know that there are two main portions when it comes to SEO of a website. There is the onsite website changes and also the offsite website link building that will help you rank higher in the search engines and do well in Google to bring in more traffic to your website and also for your to gain strength in terms of traffic flow and sales.
Onsite changes can be made through changing architecture of the website, the naming and also the density of keyword within your content. But when it comes to office back links, there are so many types of links, so many different sources of links and also different places to acquire them. Which ones are the best ones to get and how do you go about getting this links for the benefit of your website.
So what are some of the links that you could get access to and how do you get them with the least possible amount of work.

1. Profile/Forum pages
When we were younger we like to go to forums and talk about topics that we really like, this can still be true to the one that are very keen on a certain topic and this is one good way to have your links being shown on the web. You will have a profile page and this profile pages usually allow you to have links to link out to your website. Some sites can have dofollow links and some have nofollow links. Either way this is a good way to have your links. You can also use them on your footer links in your post.
2. Guest postings
Probably the most effective form of link as this gives you very high quality and good contextual links that are linked to your topic. But they are hard to come by because there are not many good blog sites that will want to give you the chance to write unless you are very good at writing in that topic and you have very good writing potential and also have a well-researched topic that you can share with the world about.
3. Web/Local Directories
Local directories are quite easy to come by when you can post your business and also the address and the contacts on the sites for free. There are some sites that will require you to pay for their review and also some for life time postings. Some sites have a 1 year expiry, so depending on what goals you want. Some off this sites may not allow just any site because they will want to ensure that they only link to high quality sites on the web and therefore this is great for sites like yours if you are able to give to the a great site for them to review and link to.

4. Review pages
Certain sites will do review for certain services and this sites are a great way for you to gain traffic because this is a good way for people to get to know about you or your product. This is also a great way for you to get links that are relevant to your site.

5. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, Social Media pages
Social media sites are a new way of bringing new links to your website nowadays, because of the popularity of such sites. Google cannot deny that this websites have a great link in how the World Wide Web is structured now and this counts a good way for Google to signal that this is a good site. Instagram and Twitter allows for profile links. You could also create links within some of your post and Facebook is also a great way for you to share this links. There are also other social media or pinning sites where you can pin about a certain page that you have find out about and this would be a great way to not just get links but also a strong presence on the internet.
6. Articles submission pages
Article submission pages have been around for a long time and there are some that are full of spam and some sites are great value. Find those that are great and well curated to only allow high quality articles and post your articles to share with the world the high quality work that you want to share with the world and how this links can help you to gain more response on the internet not just for the website that you are sharing but also the article can also help you generate more eye balls.
Link building, especially high quality ones takes a lot of hard work and there is a high level of difficulty when it comes to generating them. But if you do have the time and the effort to put in and to produce one that is well researched, the rewards are great and you will be able to rank high on Google. If you need help with your SEO in Singapore, you could find the best seo consultant in Singapore today at SEO GEEK.

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