What can you expect from a SEO Class

What can you expect from a SEO Class – When you want to start a business, you want to cut cost. Cost comes from every corner whether it is in administrative, marketing, sales or branding. The best way to cut cost for your business is to do it yourself. Many business owners think they are able to handle so many work at one go that they try to be jack of all trades and yes to some extent they are able to cover those work quite well so that the business is functioning and moving on. But what they do not realize is their skill sets can be quite limited and with this limited skill sets they are limiting their company’s growth potential.

Learning to do a certain skill better is one of the many ways you can save cost and there are many reasons why you should try to learn your SEO yourself. SEO is one cost that may be recurring and can cost you a bit. We will discuss this further with you if you should get a full scale consultant to assist you with your SEO work or whether you should do it yourself.

Most startups do not have the budget to pay $300-$1500 retainers a month and without this sum of money, they have almost no access to the Google market at all and this is a sad situations. Where Googles’ searches can bring you to is something we all know. Top searches get hundreds to thousands of leads and you are missing out on it.

So what are some of the advantages and also what to expect from SEO Classes that SEO Geek will be conducting.

1. Concise and to the point SEO lessons

Most SEO classes prefer to just talk about theory and how things work but do not have a fixed module of how to make it work for your business. For most start up founders they have the time and exposure they have but they do not know how to make it more of a SEO value kind of venture. If you have SEO mindset in mind when you do your marketing and branding in the future, you will know how to get the links and also how to get endorsements from other website easily.

2. Tricks that can help you to rank

There are many methods to design your content and also your structure of the website to make it better for SEO link flow. There are methods to also structure footers and headers to make it the better form of SEO website to get more link value from internal linking and also easier for people who come to your website to give you more links either through sharing of your content or through endorsing you on their website.

3. Industry specific courses

Are you running a E-Commerce website, for those website, the amount of work might be different and you could work more on your on site progression work and leave the link building to professionals. For example Allies of Skin, with their E-Commerce website, to redesign the keywords is one of the major jobs that the customers has to work out on.

Certain industries such as blogging have a different set of methods that you can use to get more eye balls.

SEO Geek will start conducting classes by December 2016. More details to come by, keep a look out on our website for SEO Classes in Singapore.

What can you expect from a SEO Class

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