Why do SEO Consultants charge monthly SEO retainers – You would know that SEO can go from $200 per month and up to $1000 a month from different consultants and practitioners. This is something that many business owners do not understand.

The difference in price between different agencies can be between high and low quality work.

Some agencies, might be into some form of spamming and spamming is cheap to do, run some scripts, run some programs and you get 100,000 links. This might in the end harm your campaign because spam is never welcomed by Google and google has been trying to combat spam for the longest time. This companies might be able to give you very competitive rates but use their services at your own risk.

High quality work would be something like writing high quality content for your own blog on your own website, this takes a lot of work and time for a good piece of article. They could also be doing guest posting to give you links that would be high quality as well. This has base cost because writers need to be paid. Some writers might be frequent posters in certain high quality sites and they will need to be paid north of $100 just for writing a high quality article.

So why do SEO companies charge retainers?

Search Engine Optimization is not a zero sum game. While i am building a link to your website through say writing this article today, someone else might be writing two. Google takes all this into account when they decide who to rank and this is something that most business owners are not aware about. End of the day, your SEO success is not who’s website is better. Instead it’s whose search engine optimization company is better in getting ranks and not just getting ranks, in maintaining the ranks by constantly making sure that links are build at a slow and steady flow to maintain the ranks and to avoid getting faulted by the infamous google penalty animals like Google Penguin.

SEO companies also charge retainers so that they have enough funds to constantly work on your website, onsite or offsite.

You might be changing your content on a regular basis, for example you are a blogger, you are a E-commerce store. Your products might change on a weekly basis, you might also change some descriptions. When you do such things, the website might not be that well optimized and this is something that you need to watch out for and something that the SEO will have to watch out for you.

When it comes to working on a ranking, every SEO has their own special sauce to it. Some SEOs might have their very own websites, maybe even their personal sites that they link to you. Such links might be kinda “on rent” so you might be also enjoying such advantage because you are linked to as their customer. So you can’t say that your SEO should help you to keep your ranking even if you don’t pay them their retainers anymore. Since you’re not their customers anymore, they are not obliged to link to you on their websites.

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Why do SEO Consultants charge monthly SEO retainers

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