Why Google is the best platform for B2B Marketing

Why Google is the best platform for B2B Marketing

Why Google is the best platform for B2B Marketing – There are many forms of Digital Marketing platforms, but only few are the best platform for B2B Marketing. We analyze each one of them and show why Google should be your main choice for your next campaign.

Firstly, there is Facebook and Instagram, which both pay a lot of attention to your B2C audience. Facebook is usually used for less serious things like sharing your life moments and also maybe who you are with today and what you ate for the day.

Instagram is where you share your nice photos and people you are hanging out with for the day on your stories. And for

Following that, there is LinkedIn, which is mostly aimed at B2B advertising and offers you plenty of options for specific targeting. The issue is, LinkedIn is usually much more popular amongst the professionals, such as bankers and startup founders.

SME Owners who are decision-makers for B2B services are not exactly keen on spending much time on LinkedIn, also those that are of a certain age do not even know what LinkedIn is.

Singapore-wise, it is not popular amongst the SME space.

When it comes to B2B marketing, the above few may be good marketing platforms but not a preferred form of marketing to reach your intended marketing audience.

So let us now share with you why Google is the best platform for B2B Marketing:

  • Google has very high traffic on its platform

Google is one of the most frequent websites in the world. Google has always been number one when it comes to search engine rankings and because of Google SEO, millions of people visit the website every day. This is a good platform for B2B marketing as many decision makers use it daily.

Also, if your B2B business targets consumer services such as entertainment or lifestyle services then you can go ahead and use Facebook and Instagram but add on Google marketing as well.

If you are in professional services, Google is great for your need because they will google specific keywords like “SEO SERVICES”, which if you rank for, you are likely going to get that enquiry email from them.

  • People who use Google have very clear intentions

When people go to google to search for something, they make their intentions in their search phrase very clear. If you are looking for SEO services, it means that your company is looking to hire a professional for this service.

And if you type in “We are looking for an SEO company”, Google will serve the top 3 companies first and also rank their website first because they have SEO as one of their main keywords or key phrases.

Also, Google technology has grown so much, even if you are trying to find the words for what you are intending to search, it is able to guess and use semantic key phrases to still return what you need.

Google’s main aim is to be a relevant search engine, and that is what they do best, and it helps you with your B2B marketing.

  • Google trust the Organic results returned to them based on keywords searched

When you input a keyword phrase into the google search bar, the organic results are returned to that phrase.

This is when you know that by using your keywords, you are actually ranking well for it because Google search engine trusts the website’s content.

The return of this shows that if someone clicks on the link, they trust the content enough to follow through and visit your site too. This trust can be passed on from your trust of Google onto the website that is ranking top 3 on the search results.

This trust value is great for branding.

Even someone who doesn’t know your brand beforehand, may put some faith in you for doing so well that Google puts you top 3 on their search engine results.

This does not work the same way for pay-per-click ads on Google, this is why it is important to be careful with your PPC and SEO.

Organic Google results are more trusted than PPC ads: The reason organic results on Google work so well for B2B marketing and branding is that they invest in content that makes them rank better.

This means that their website will give off the essence of what you really will want to find about your services.

  • Google has reviews that allow good details of work done

Google reviews are well trusted by Google users because a lot of the reviews are done by a third party.

This just shows that Google is really taking into account what they offer and how good their products can be for you too.

By having reviews on your website, it just makes it even more trustworthy because authentic people have used your services and think highly about them enough to leave a positive or negative review of your services or products.

They also use their own email account which adds to that sense of trust.

Google also blocks accounts that are created just for review purposes, and you can trust that what you read is usually real reviews.


Google is a great platform for B2B businesses to take advantage of to grow your business.

Using their platform, you are also able to reach your highest potential audience that is looking for your type of service.

If you need a SEO Consultant that can help you take advantage of Google’s strength to push your brand up, get your SEO Campaign done up right by an SEO Expert in Singapore.

Why Google is the best platform for B2B Marketing

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