Why SEO should be your key internet marketing tool – Are you an internet marketer looking to allocate your marketing budget into various strategies?

Or are you an entrepreneur with limited start up cash from your own pockt or your ivnestors money that you must make good decisions which path to take and which investment you should make to see great returns.

Marketing has shifted in the past decade from hard copy print to online marketing and this has also changed how people look and view things. There are also various avenues to do internet and online marketing and other methods such as SEM (Adwords), Facebook, Instagram, Emails, Youtube are just some of the few methods that you could consider and even tap on.

Most of the methods are pay per click options, you pay when someone clicks or view your promotion or item and this methods are very good if you need to have a sudden surge in sales or a great surge in views. But this might not mean that you are getting quality clients that are clicking on your ads. There might be a chance of fraud, which is prevalent. Of course that is not the case most of the time but there is a chance of miss hits.

SEO is one of the best strategies in this respect because when you are ranked highly in organic results, you do not actually pay more for the clicks that you are getting, your cost per click actually decreases over time because of the amount of traffic you might get from people coming in through the website.

Organic results are also great for your branding. People trust what Google gives to them as the authority site of the internet and this gives everyone that searches the idea that you are probably one of the best in the industry and therefore rank well for certain keywords.

SEO is also one of the few methods where you could reach out to more unintended keywords when you are targeting keywords that are limited. For other methods you have to pay to access other keywords.

SEO is also great for business are that are into business to business dealings. For facebook and instragram, the groups of people using them are more of individuals who may have certain interest but you may not be able to reach them well if you are a B2B business. Such platforms may be good for someone who is looking to reach out to sell them consumer goods but may not be favourable for those that are trying to reach out to business owners.

SEO is also a long term strategy, once you rank, the amount of investments that you put into continually ranking may be lower and need not be that much of an intensive investment of capital for the entrepreneur who is always looking to cut cost that may cost you a constant few thousand or hundreds to maintain if you are running any other strategies.

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Why SEO should be your key internet marketing tool

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