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SEO Geek was founded by Tommy Koh to provide high quality SEO Services for Singapore firms and also eventually training courses for persons who are keen on work on their own websites SEO.

You could find out more in our courses and about us pages.

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New Courses


Learning Objectives

What you can expect from SEO Geek classes


Be able to use SEO skills to make onsite changes for your business websites

Self Implementation

Knowing the basics allows you to make changes without getting a consultant or specialist


SEO is ever changing, this course will start you off at a good base so that you can continue learning about the new changes that Google implements


Joining a live class allows you to make active discussions with the trainer and classmates

Affordable Fees

SEO Geek offers one of the most affordable classes in Singapore with great content and interaction for better learning outcomes.

Updates from Trainer

Students will receive mailers on latest changes as analysed by Tommy and learn together as a team of SEO Specialist.

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