Data Driven

Data drives decisions.

In this time and age where information is generated at unprecedented speeds, having a good analytics software and an analytical mind will allow you to grow your business much faster and at a lower cost as compared to your competitors.

With more data, we do better targeted Search Optimization for better results and ROI.

Singapore SEO Services uses Data to help our customers grow and also find out which keywords are better for returns.

High Performance

Performance of any marketing campaign matters to the Entrepreneur and Marketing manager that wants to deliver for their company.

ROI in terms of marketing is what drives a higher budget to get more returns.

Our Company focuses on delivery of good results that will bring you leads and business through our campaigns.

Work with the best SEO Agency Company in Singapore for your Singapore SEO Services needs.

Conversions through Leads

Leads through well targeted keywords choice and reaching top rankings for those particular keywords gives you high quality leads that can be translated into conversions to sales.

Key research is key to achieve the results and also well targeted to enhance conversion to leads.

Keyword research done only by the best SEO Agency in Singapore

Ethically Search Optimization

Search Engine Optimization can be done in many manners.

What really works in the long term is ethical white hat SEO methods that is build on good content strategies and clean back linking from reputable sources that can stand the test of time.

Schedule a meeting with our SEO Consultant now for your business needs.

We also provide Digital Marketing & SEO Coaching to those that wish to do their own SEO.

Our Services

We help businesses of all sizes to increase visibility, drive more traffic and improve commercial success.

SEO On-Site & Off-Site

On-Site Google SEO Services Singapore & Off-Site Google SEO Services Singapore are two very different fields.

Content writing is also key in building domain and page authority for your website.

Making sure both are done well allows for great and consistent rankings through all rounded SEO Services in Singapore. SEO Coaching Singapore can help too.

Consistent work done on a monthly basis also helps you to maintain your rank and bring in qualified leads for the long term.

Content Strategy

Content is King. Having a strong on-site content strategy that involves high quality and consistent writing allows you to not just rank well on Google.

You will also become the thought leader of your industry that everyone looks up to.

Remember, authority in a particular topic is key to doing well in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Using well rounded SEO techniques to ensure each article is well optimized to max out the search benefits of your content is what we will help you with.

Some Online Marketing Coaching Singapore can help you improve your SEO Singapore Ranking.

We could advise on other forms of internet marketing as well, speak to us!

Web Analytics

Nothing beats having figures to make decisions with.

Through our web analytics, you can find out how many leads came through your online marketing campaigns and build on how to improve sales and lead generation through our analytics diagnosis for our Singapore SEO services.

SEO Geek is a digital marketing services firm with a keen mind to help you make better internet marketing decisions.

SEO Courses & Digital Marketing Classes

Learn how to rank your website on google through our Singapore SEO Class & Training and take advantage of other online marketing media sites to get leads and close sales. Digital Marketing Classes conducted by our head Singapore SEO Trainer & SEO Coach Mr Tommy Koh. Online Marketing can be easy!

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Success Stories

Learn about the potential impact of web promotion in these SEO success stories.


Marketing, Hydroflux

This company delivers. Thank you for your hard work to getting our Digital Marketing Services Singapore done well.

To me, Tommy is a Singapore SEO Guru!


Founder, BareSkin Element

We have been ranking well for many keywords, business has been great and we have to thank Tommy, our Singapore SEO Consultant for the hard work in helping us rank well constantly on the first page. He is quite the SEO Expert that we can rely on.

Koh Swee Hock

Director, K Cloud Accounting

We have grew our firm quite a fair bit with good rankings in all the services that we do. Their services is also good, good choice for SEO Agency Singapore.


Director, Think Teach Academy

Thank you for working on our website, its great! We are happy to be working with you as our Singapore SEO Consultant.

Our top choice for Online Marketing and SEO Agency in Singapore

Calixto Tay

Director, OUS Pte Ltd

Glad that we worked with Tommy, our Singapore SEO Expert , we are reaching out to more groups of people without us realizing its possible. Thank you for your SEO Expertise Tommy.

William Lim

Genera Manager, Friend of Bus

We have more jobs now more than ever and its great that we get updates on a regular basis. Always good to hire a SEO Professional in Singapore who knows what he is doing.


Thank you SEO Geek for helping us get the leads we need to grow our company. He also coaches us on Digital Marketing and SEO Coaching really helps us to do up content!


SEO Geek is very on the ball and gets things done, Definitely the SEO King of Singapore! Tommy also referred us to other Digital Marketing to help us do an all rounded internet marketing strategy

Mrs Koh

Tommy, thanks for helping me do a good work, leads are always flowing through, we are glad to have hired you


Thank you for teaching us how to better work on Google outreach


Good work on our SEO, we are doing very well on growth because of SEO Geek's good work

`` Tommy class is very engaging and I have learnt alot from him. Definitely worth attending ! ``
Serene Teo -

`` The courses conducted by Tommy was very informative and enjoyable, he also shared more than we expected on the techniques that can help our website rank on google. Will be glad to recommend his seo courses ``
James Chan -

``Tommy was a great SEO coach & trainer! He is very knowledgeable, and explained the steps in a simple and detailed manner. I feel empowered that my new-found SEO skills can help drive traffic to my side that will convert to revenue. Thanks Tommy!``
Daniel Loke - Entrepreneur

``Great and simple steps to understanding SEO through his Skillsfuture SEO Course. Tommy is a patient teacher that provides great content and delivers concepts at a very understandable language.``
Jason - Financial Consultant

``This company delivers. Ranks on first page within short period, send some of my colleagues for Skillsfuture SEO Class, was quite useful``
Damian Sia - Entrepreneur

``SEO GEEK maintains and optimises my business website on google for me. Happy to be working with them all these while. Competitively priced too!``
Ashley Chan - Realtor

Tommy is clearly knowledgeable, updated and experienced in using SEO to grow his businesses. Highly recommended for marketers and budding entrepreneurs.
Jake Ler - Digital Marketing Manager

`` I've attended SEO Geek's two day SEO course and it's a very fulfilling and useful course. This course will teach you how to do search engine optimisation, with practical tips on how you can do that for your own website. It was also helpful that there's ample opportunity to ask questions during each shorter session in the day's programme. This course may be applied through Skillsfuture!
Dave - Business Owner

“Tommy started working on our website since the start of our business, I am glad we chose him as our SEO Specialist in Singapore because we have grown from strength to strength ever since. He is professional and works closely to update us when things need to be done on our end. He also updates us about our ranking promptly every week. Recently went for his Skillsfuture SEO Training, was really useful. Thanks Tommy”
Ivan Lim - Ivan & Levine Entertainment Pte Ltd

“Tommy is an old friend of mine, we have been entrusting him with our SEO Services work since 7 years ago. He has delivered time and time again and we will continue to entrust this important marketing work to him.”
William Lim - Friend of Bus

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